Esther Mahlangu
"Abstract" 2007 mixed media on canvas, 122cm x 170cm
Speelman Mahlangu
"Twins" bronze ed. 9 37cm




7 Aug Ė 1 Sept 2007

An exhibition of recent work by Esther Mahlangu will open at 34 LONG at 18h00 on Tuesday, 7 August 2007. 

Esther is best known for abstract works in her signature Ndebele idiom, and this exhibition will feature several new examples. In some works, she employs the vivid acrylic colours typical of Ndebele house decoration, and in others the more muted, earthy colour of natural pigments. She also uses cow dung which, like acrylic paint, is used extensively in her home environment as decorative and functional surfaces. Its unadulterated presence enhances the symbolic content of her paintings.

Collectors of Estherís work have shown increasing interest in her figurative works as well. In these, she employs a colourful visual language to tell stories of village life. These works often combine abstract and finely detailed figurative elements. Avail yourself of this opportunity to acquire one of these works, while they are still affordable. Esther has successfully expanded the traditional Ndebele craft of house decoration taught to her by her mother and grandmother into the world of fine art, achieving a special place in the South African art world. She travels internationally as an extraordinary ambassador for her art and her country, and may truly be called one of South Africaís best loved contemporary artists.

Esther has built up a solid relationship with 34LONG. Last year, her works were shown jointly with a selection of bronze sculptures by Noria Mabasa. Now, a rare selection of early limited edition bronzes by Speelman Mahlangu, Estherís nephew who died in 2004, will also be on display. At the time of his untimely death, Speelman was a leading sculptor. He had studied and taught at the Kathlehong Art Centre between 1977 and 1980. The market for his sculpture has grown steadily as more and more collectors become aware of the unique beauty of his works and the ever increasing prices they command at auction. 

In addition to paintings, some painted pots by Esther Mahlangu will be included on the exhibition and a limited edition silkscreen print will be introduced for the first time. 

The exhibition will fill the downstairs space at 34 Long, and will run until Saturday 1 September 2007.

All images © the artists, 2007
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